What MAKES Capture You Videography DIFFERENT?

Having been customer service trained with Optus Communications, as well as several years of experience in retail sales in high-end electronics, we know how to make the customer feel wooed.  As customers, we all love to feel like we’re being looked after, not just another number.  If you call me, I will answer you or call/text you back asap.  You won’t have to wait days.  Send me an email or message we’ll answer on the go so that you’re not left waiting.  Where your video is concerned, just have a look at any of our films, you can see in those films our customers are so comfortable with us.  You can see we’re working hard to get loads of different shots in the film for you.  It’s all about content – good quality content.  We’ll be on time, We’ve got heaps of gear all nicely arranged in neat transport cases so we don’t have a mess of camera gear at your event.  We’re just pretty cool to be around on the wedding day.  Just look at the comments we get! 

What is the CAPTURE YOU style?

Our style is warm and deep colours.  We also adjust for customers who want that washed out colour look.  Commonly referred to as “cinema film look”.  Heck, we can make the video look however you want.  A tweak of the controls here and there and we’re on our way to your dream wedding film.  BUT look how we handle our cameras.  It’s so important – there’s actually a huge course on camera movement. I know what a bride likes in the look of her film. She wants to see the detail in her dress, she wants to see from head to toe, and she wants closeup intimate shots too to bring all that beauty to life on the screen.   From the moment we start, you know you’ve got a true professional at your service.  And you can count on me delivering a high level quality of service you’ll find hard to get with the guys who do this as a hobby.       

What are your VALUES?

I’ve invested a lot of time in the company, and I am really happy with how I have achieved it.  Tough times hit the best of us, but through those tough times, I’ve had to demonstrate to the family that I have the courage to get through.  Honesty has played a big role in business.  No one likes to be lied to, so if it can or can’t be done – I will be honest with you about it.   We’ve developed friendships across the industry.  Becoming well known for our work and our worth ethic has played a large part in our success.  Nobody recommends imperfect suppliers.  I have a little family and as a parent, it’s been very important to teach the kids what is good in life, what is right, what matters, and to be honest.   Being dependable is super important to me.  We’ll do what we say, instilling confidence shows strong leadership.  Running a business isn’t easy – but being honest, hard-working, ethical, caring, confident, and highly recommended, has set me up for many more years of success.

Do we need to MEET before the big day

I am always up for a coffee, but so many times our couples are just too busy.  In fact, many of them thank us for being able to discuss the wedding plans over the phone or video call or emails.  One less appointment – “OH YEAH WE’RE HAPPY ABOUT THAT”  But, some couples would like to meet with me before putting pen to paper.   If you’d like to have a chat face to face – we can set up a time and place and you can bring all the questions you had in mind to ask and make sure I am the right person for you.   After the initial meeting, the next time we’ll need to chat will be to discuss the timings  of the day.  We do this over the phone or video call.  We’ll usually seek to do this a few days out from the event date to be sure we’re going to have the most up-to-date info.


The word Cinematographer is a cute word, as is the word Cinematography.  But – there is no way we’ll be changing our name to accommodate it.  Some of us like to feel more important by telling couples they are cinematographers and thus have a better video service.  Let me assure you – unless you’re on the set on a multi-million dollar movie scene, with cameras that cost more than the average executive’s annual wage,  you’re not really a cinematographer at all.  This is an industry thing… Pay no attention to the description.

What if it RAINS on the day?

Oh gosh, what if it rains…. Well – firstly, you need to remember to smile.  If you’re going to get upset about it all day – you’ll not just hate the rain, you’ll hate how you looked in the video and your photos.  That’s a lot to hate……..  So trust us as your video and photo team to work with the rain to get you them OMG shots you didn’t think you could get in the rain.  A smiling Bride makes our work come to life.  So let’s work with Mumma nature because what else can you do?

Our PHOTOGRAPHER hasn't worked with you.. Will you GET ALONG?

You have a photographer ??  no way !  I can’t work with them lol..  Just kidding – We’ve worked with the best of the best in the industry.  Perhaps you’ve booked one of them for your wedding – so just ask – “Hey – what’s Shane at Capture You Videography like to work with?”  Every photographer I have ever worked with has always commented on how good it was working with me as a creative team at each wedding we film.  We’ve all heard the stories of the teams who clashed and ended up paying more attention to the tug of war between taking turns of shooting the couple, that not a lot was accomplished at all.  This is where we’re different. I love capturing the natural look.  While the photographer is doing their work, we go about doing our magic.  Easy! 

In your PACKAGE, you mention PHOT SHOOT. Does this mean you're also taking PHOTOS as well as VIDEO?

We speak about the “Photo Shoot” being that shooting time between the Ceremony & the Reception Entrances at the function centre.  I do the video, your photographer does the photos.  

Do you need to be supplied a meal on the day? Or a setup area at the RECEPTION?

Typically yes.  The venue hopefully offers a supplier meal deal.   We don’t require any alcholic beverages.  Generally just water or coke.

COVID19 - What if? OMG what if it happens again once we book you?

During 2020 and 2021 we allowed all of our couples to move their dates to new dates.  We didn’t apply surcharges for new dates as a result of the public health orders for venues to close. Standard Terms & Conditions applied, except we allowed all public health order related event date changes to occur without charge.  I don’t see any reason to change this arrangement.

How many FILM STAFF attend the day?

Unless you are planning a wedding that has a lot of cultural traditions, particularly in the morning, we would suggest having two video staff members.  However, look at pretty much all of our films, each is filmed with a single camera operator.  We can control cameras remotely these days so we don’t need another one of me taking up more space.   These videos look like there are two and sometimes three camera operators filming.  This is where experience serves us well.

Do you POSE us in weird positions all day? We'd prefer to have a NATURAL looking film...

Anyone who says they just shoot natural and blend into the background all day is not being honest. You will get some direction from us during the day.  We know what looks good on video.  So there will be times we will ask you to do certain things, but I promise – we won’t ask you to kiss in every single clip or act all weird and awkward.  Even we can’t stand that.

Them SONGS on your website are great, but can we use music we like OR is it PRE-SELECTED by Capture You?

Of course – we can use what ever music you like.  We’d suggest using songs that were important to you on the day in the film.  However, for online videos, we’re supposed to use music that does not have copyright restrictions.  We’re fully licensed to use music in video production.  There isn’t a license available to allow us to use copyright music online.

Will it be YOU as the CAMERA MAN or will you send SOME ONE else?

Unless I have been struck down with some sort of illness, you couldn’t keep me away!  And, I will not take another booking and send someone else to your wedding.  That’s just rude.

What happens if you fall SICK on the day and CAN'T ATTEND?

If for some reason we are so ill that we can’t attend your wedding, we’ll make emergency calls to our network of videographers.  We won’t just book some new starter.  We’ll endeavor to secure the services of someone we know and trust.  In the extreme case, we can’t get a replacement – we would be left with no option but to refund your money. 

We're only having a SMALL - INTIMATE wedding. Will you give us space to breath or are you intrusive?

Smaller weddings call for a more reserved personality.  Luckily, I know how to fit in with a smaller group.   These weddings are usually more intimate and smaller for a reason.  We’ll take your lead on the day, but we’ll have covered all of these matters in the consultation process, so we’re all on the same page for your wedding day.

What should WE DO as a couple, to make sure our video LOOKS SENSATIONAL?

You should just relax.  Don’t try to control every aspect of your day when you’re supposed to be relaxing and having photos done. If you end up being angry about every small thing not going to plan, it will appear in your photos and video.  So relax – use the people around you to get jobs done and live in the moment and enjoy the experience of your wedding day.  We won’t be coming back the next day…

NOT ENOUGH TIME! We'll probably need you longer than we've booked you... Can you stay longer? Can we book more hours?

That’s cool!  Even if you asked us to stay longer at the end of the package on the night, we’ll stay for as long as you want.  We’ll adjust  your invoice on Monday to reflect any additional hours.  We never ask for money on the day for extra hours.